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[Tutorial] Beginners mistakes, and how to fix them by DamaiMikaz

This is a tutorial I've always wanted to see happen. A lot of points you touched on are things that happen much too often that people i...


Bombshell by OfTheVirtus

Revamping my character Bombshell because she really needed it. Honestly shes probably my favorite oc based off of my favorite game, Fallout. 

For those who care, here is a little bio I threw together

Age: 27
Full Name: Shellby Ann-Marie  Fortier
Highth: 5’ 5"
Weight: 145 Ibs

Weapons: Combat Shotgun (Simon), Handgun w/Hunting Knife for cqc, and frag grenades

Attitude: Cynical, loud, aggressive

Strenght - 5
Perception - 8
Endurance - 6
Charisma - 3
Intelligence - 4
Agility - 7

Profession: Mercenary, will also eventually assist in leading a rebellion. 
Skills: Amazing shooter and great with explosives, very good at most card games (i.e. poker)
Other: She is married to her work and gun Simon, but still enjoys the physical company of a partner from time to time, male or female. Almost will never say no to any bet and is surprisingly loyal to the few people she considers friends, though its more likely because having them around makes things much easier. She would rather not burn her bridges.
Secrets: Likes to keep a flask of her favorite juice(apple, if available) on her in her pouch next to her frag grenades. She tells people its whiskey just so that way they assume shes drunk all the time. 

Bio Summary

As a child, growing up in a post apocalyptic wasteland shaped her (for better or worse). Being “raised” by quiet possibly the shittiest orphanage in the wastes, “Heavenly Passage”, it gave her a rather cynical and violent out look on life. She doesn’t know her parents and doesn’t care to find out who they are. To her, anyone who would be willing to abandon their own child in this time period where it’s kill or be killed, they might as well be dead. The children of Heavenly Passage had a sick and twisted sense of humor that rivaled that of the care takers, or as they called themselves “Angels”. The leader of this organization was a woman that they called “Arch-Angel”. She was the worst of them all and her son was a regular visitor there that had all of her hate inside him. If Arch-Angel saw one of her children burning alive,  she would only stop to piss one of them out if she thought she couldn’t get away with just leaving them there to burn. 

Shelly’s only friend in this hell hole was a ginger boy by the name of James Hatfield( She just called him Jimmy or Jim most of the time). In her eyes, he might as well have just been a door mat. He let all the kids pick on him and he cried more than any one she had ever seen. So, naturally, she did everything in her power to protect him. Originally this was not because they were good friends, but because she was returning the favor. Later on it was because he was the most important thing in her life. 

Unfortunately, the one bright spark in her life was taken away from her. James ended up getting adopted  by a rich family who happened to be passing through. They lived in this vault that settlers took and renovated into a well to do neighborhood.

She wanted to be happy for James, she really did, but losing him was the hardest part of her childhood. The torment from the Angels and the other children just grew worse and worse. With no one to lean on for support, she was coming to a breaking point. So, one day, she gathered up her things and some other peoples things and left.

Being grown now, she has tried her best to push him out of her mind. The pain of losing her best friend drove her crazy and in her later years, made her violent. When she did finally leave the orphanage, being only 12 years old the only thing she knew to do was survive.

 For the first month of being alone, it was difficult and it nearly killed her. If not for the rations she stole from the orphanage before leaving, she may not have even lasted that long. 

Shelly had to learn how to survive on her own with no one to tell her how. Using the hunting knife she got of of one of the Angels drawers and the very little knowledge that she obtained surviving in the orphanage, she did her best in the wastes. Slowly, she learned how to make traps and shelter out of the debris around her and protect herself from various creatures.

It was one day when she was out hunting food about two months after leaving that she came across a black shiny mound. Shell walked up to it, curious as to what it could be. Before her foot landed on the black shiny hill, it began to stir and move. A long tail shot up and it turned around to reveal two huge pincers and a face with many eyes. It was a giant rad scorpion

She ran as fast as her small body could take her, but it was no match for the scorpion. It caught up to her and stung her square in the shoulder. The venom seeping in felt like lava shooting through her veins. Shell collapsed on to the dusty ground, screaming in pain. Her vision was blurred as she looked up to the giant thing that was about to make dinner out of her tiny body right before she blacked out.

Sometime later, she awoke to a dusty room filled with muscular men with big guns and leather jackets. The room smelled thickly of chemicals and BO. There was a man over her with a bushy beard and helmet with horns.

She later finds out that the group she is with is the Great Khans and their leaded, Papa Khan, was the man standing over her. These people decided it was best to raise her as their own, considering she did so well at such a young age by herself. They taught her better survival skills, how to use a gun, how to use explosives, and how to make chems. She didnt care to much for the last one, because she hated the smell.   It was on her 16th birthday that they gave Shell her first gun. It was a combat shotgun and she had no idea how to use it .She was used to revolvers at this point because thats all they ever gave her to use. She hated the gun at first. It was big and it was a shot gun, meaning the ammo scattered instead of just being one whole thing. Papa Khan personally tried to teach her how to use it, but it wasn’t until she was attacked by a rad scorpion again that she truly learned how to use it and fell in love with it. Shotguns dont work the best against them, but it saved her life and thats all that mattered.

When she turned 18, she left the gang to be a mercenary. There was much cursing and arguing among her and Papa Khan about this decision. People who usually leave the clan dont leave it alive. He only let her go with the promise of her returning eventually with a good portion  of the profit from her work. Shell is still pretty sure that he has members of the gang follower her every now and again to keep an eye on her.  

Of course, later in the story Im planning, she eventually meets James again (though he goes by the name Clockwork). She recognizes him right off the bat, but he has absolutely no idea who she is. The story will be based around their travels together threw post apocalyptic Louisiana.

A very important link is coming your way…


There it is.

(you should click it)
Morning Light by OfTheVirtus
Morning Light
Messing with lighting techniques and slowly trying to get back into the swing of drawing
Pearlsketch (still a wip) by OfTheVirtus
Pearlsketch (still a wip)
Added some more colors and shading to it, not sure how I feel about the lighting colors yet


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Candice Lee Holland
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Just a girl trying to constantly outdo herself. Bit of a vicious cycle you know.

Also, follow me on tumblr?

So I don't know too much about my watchers. What kind of art do you want to see? 

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So Im not dead (I promise)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 8:55 AM
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My comment replies and journal has been a little inactive. So, here is a life update!

I replied to all 70 unanswered comments first off and second I PROMISE I havent forgotten about my requests that are pending. I've just been a little busy procrastinating, lol. 

But Ive gotten myself a new job at McDonalds! A job that actually isnt under the table! My old job did a lot that Im not ok with, like paying me 5 dollars an hour and emotionally abusing their employees. So now I make 7.50 an hour :D. Also my fiance got a new job too (he was working at the same place as me). He is now working as a security guard and is a whole lot happier.

Also, more good news! Im getting married! It's going to be pirate themed and takes place September 5th, 2015. I'm so excited >w< Its gonna be by the beach and outside (hopefully)

Anyway, if you just want to remind me of something I said I would draw you OR you want to make a request, just let me know in the comments below :3

And now, for a little self promotion. Here is a list of my current speed paints (that I like)

Hazard (Darkstuck) 


Such Pose (Markiplier) 

You're Gonna Go Far Kid (Markiplier and Young Mark) 

skin by WikiME
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Big Boss Stamp by MetalShadowOverlord Sheik Stamp by raxgond Wind Waker Love by Larxanne Makar Stamp by BeagleTsuin

Medli Stamp by BeagleTsuin


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